Tell me your Zodiac sign and I will tell you how you are !

//Tell me your Zodiac sign and I will tell you how you are !

Tell me your Zodiac sign and I will tell you how you are !

Cosimo_Zodiac sign_Signoria_Firenze
In ancient times in Florence, consulting the stars was something completely normal, especially before making an important decision. More importantly, the Zodiac sign was considered a strong and relevant indicator of one’s nature and personality.

In the first equestrian statue of Florence representing the Grand Duke Cosimo I and erected in Piazza della Signoria, one can see the Medici coat of arms but also the head of a goat on top of the pedestal. Cosimo I had always insisted that people know he was born under the Zodiac sign of the Capricorn. Indeed, people born under this sign are stubborn as goats, really ambitious, inflexible and very self-confident.

Unfortunately, the government of that time did not take into account this ‘detail’ and in 1537, after the death of the Duke Alessandro, assassinated by Lorenzino de’ Medici  (aka the « New Brute »), Cosimo de’ Medici, who apparently looked like a young obedient man, humble, respectful and unambitious, was named head of government.

But one should never be deceived by outward appearances. In a very short time, Cosimo, pure Capricorn, unscrupulously got rid of those who elected him and became the absolute ruler of Florence.

Lorenzo the Magnificient

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