Visit the Other Side of Florence: The Oltrarno Neighborhood

//Visit the Other Side of Florence: The Oltrarno Neighborhood

Visit the Other Side of Florence: The Oltrarno Neighborhood

Piazza Santo Spirito Oltrarno

Piazza Santo Spirito by TooMuchTuscany

Oltrarno, meaning beyond the Arno is a fun area for both locals and tourists alike. It is also included as part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Florence. Encompassing the Oltrarno area is the Old City Wall, completed in 1333. It is the only part of the wall that still exists today. Piazza Santo Spirito is a popular place in Oltrarno with antique and organic food markets as well as bars and restaurants where you can go for an aperitivo or grab a bit to eat. The Basilica of Santo Spirito is located within the same piazza and dates back to the Renaissance period.

Borgo San Frediano is the street that leads from Porta San Frediano, or San Frediano Door, one of the four original entrance doors to the city of Florence. Borgo San Frediano has many shops and restaurants. Follow that same street straight down and you’ll wind up at the Ponte Vecchio. Hang a right and in a few hundred feet, you’ll come across Pitti Palace, the once royal residence of the Medici family.

For the best, bistecca fiornetina, Florentine steak, I Brindellone located in Piazza Piattellina 10, a tiny piazza near Piazza del Carmine, is a great place to go. You haven’t experienced true Florentine steak until you’ve had the bistecca fiorentina. After dinner go next door to Hemingway Firenze for desert. They offer tea, coffee, cakes and a Chocolate Bar. There are different strengths and varieties of hot chocolate that you can choose from. A mouth-watering splurge, Hemingway Firenze is open every day from 4pm to 2am and is a true chocolate lover’s experience.

Apartments Florence has a quick downloadable guide of their Florence Top Tips of what to do and where to go around the Oltrarno neighborhood.

We chose Top Tip #5 from Apartments Florence downloadable guide: EXTRA

Piazza Santo Spirito represents Florence better than any other place in town. It’s a market place and a quiet, relaxing spot by day with a bustling eventful venue by night. Every morning a small local market is set up in the square, with fresh groceries, clothes and other curiosities.

For more tips on where to go and what to do around the Oltrarno area, download Apartment Florence’s Top Tips!

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