A unique theatrical experience – Letter by Shreenika Ramani

//A unique theatrical experience – Letter by Shreenika Ramani

A unique theatrical experience – Letter by Shreenika Ramani

Shreenika Ramani, Summer Intern 2015


Becoming a part of the ‘Medici Dynasty Show’ family has been a gratifying and fulfilling experience. ‘The Medici Dynasty Show’ is more than just a start-up theatre company operating in Florence. Founded by Cristiano Brizzi, the company embodies hope, hard work and passion- the important pillars of Life in general.

I contributed by ideating marketing plans and maintaining public relations through social media and on field promotions. Every day I took upon a new task with a view that there was knowledge at ‘play’ everywhere and that I had so much to learn. However, the real knowledge didn’t come from the tasks I performed. It came from my conversations with other members of the family, witnessing power failure during a show or loss of wifi affecting sale of tickets and seeing freshly printed posters.

In my conversations with Cristiano, the cheerful and calm brain behind the show; I gained insight into the challenges of costing and opportunities in the industry. Moreover, I learnt how it is possible to make dreams happen from scratch when you focus with a cool and collected mind.

Beppe, a founding partner, was always a pleasure to be around. A simple ‘Ciao’ from him spread warmth and motivation. His persona like his looks, induced creative enthusiasm.

In my interactions with Jeanne, who takes care of the daily functioning of the show; I gained an understanding of nature of work, audience habits & preference alongside the needs of an employee at a theatre company.

Brigitte and Emmy handle the Marketing aspect to the show. I had fun working with them and they directed my line of thoughts to see opportunities in social media. I was also exposed to other creative industries like Fashion and Photography which inspired me to think how they could work with theatre.

Thus, I was party to chatter, silence, confusion and an ingenious solution to every ‘yesterday’s problem’. As a result, I took home an experience and not an internship task sheet!

Thank you ‘Medici Dynasty Show’ for welcoming me, trusting me effortlessly and being so kind.

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