Influencers in Florence: Top 4 English-voices of the city

//Influencers in Florence: Top 4 English-voices of the city

Influencers in Florence: Top 4 English-voices of the city


Over the past few years Florence locals have created multiple magazines, newspapers and blogs. Most of them aim to communicate to the vast English-speaking community that resides in the city. Additionally, due to their expansive content, many of them have gained quite an international following, that includes day-tripping tourists as well as frequent visitors. Below we present a list of the top four (in no particular order) web influencers in Florence, who all very successfully represent the English-voices of the city.

The Florentine

The Florentine is the longest running English-language newspaper in Florence, and was established in April of 2005. The newspaper was started as a way of communicating to, and for, the vast English-speaking community in Florence. Their readers are also their writers; “published for the community by the community”. Today they have close to 60,000 followers on Facebook, and distribute 10,000 copies of the newspaper monthly. Visit The Florentine Facebook page, and or, website for the best anecdotes of Florence, as well as events and places to visit.

Girl in Florence

Georgette Jupe, marketing strategist and freelance writer, based in Florence, is the writer of this blog. Her passions include “travel, wine, food, humor, culture, nerdy tech-related stuff, languages and the power of books.” She uses the blog as an outlet for everything she loves about Florence (and sometimes even as an outlet for “tear-inducing red-tape frustrations”), and her discoveries on her travels through Europe. Not only does she share her own stories, but also that of others, which one is able to find on her interview series called ‘Locals I love’. With close to 8,000 followers on Facebook, Girl in Florence is a must-read blog for English speakers who love ALL things Florence (and Italian).

Lost in Florence

Nardia Plumridge, Australian-born, English-educated, “journalist by trade and adventurer by nature”, writes this blog. She lives in Florence and is passionate about food, wine, travel and just any sort of authentic experience. She aims to showcase the most unique and quaint spots around Florence and Italy, as this is the best way to experience the “true essence of a city”. To personalize her blog, she does regular interviews with shop owners. The almost magazine style layout of her blog, with beautiful and original photographs, in combination with great content makes it a pleasure to visit. For wonderful visual content, and anything authentically Florence, this is a must-read blog!


This blog is written by Alexandra Korey, and speaks about art, travel and life in Italy in general, with a focus on art and culture. Alexandra also works for flod and is involved in the strategic development of The Florentine newspaper as well as some aspects of its everyday production. This website of hers has been up and running since 2004, and the name was chosen in honor of the ‘Slow Food’ movement, but more specifically ‘SlowTravel’. She now has over 600 articles on her blog. ArtTrav combines “basic factual information about things to see” in Italy (and specifically Florence), “with photos and university-level analysis”. A definite must-see-and-read blog for all things ART!

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