The legend of the window that must not be closed !

//The legend of the window that must not be closed !

The legend of the window that must not be closed !

Let us tell you about one of the most romantic tales that the city of Florence has ever told: the window that must not be closed…

Legend_windowAccording to a popular belief, a romantic love story links the statue of Ferdinando I de’ Medici and the far right window on the top floor of a building in Piazza SS. Annunziata.

Florentine people say that the legendary window must never be closed or it could lead to dire consequences. Indeed, day and night the spirit of the beautiful Venetian Bianca Cappello wants to watch her beloved with passion in his eyes ! However, there is one thing that does not add up in this story : Bianca Cappello’s husband was Grand Duke Francesco I de’ Medici, not Cardinal Ferdinando I (who was Francesco’s brother).

Then why would the spirit of Bianca Cappello be upset if we close the window ? Maybe because it is a question of hatred and not of love…

In 1587, the three of them went for a week-end at Poggio. Bianca saw it as an opportunity and hatched an evil plan to get rid of Ferdinando I. She baked a delicious poisoned pie, but the Cardinal discovered the trap and to ascertain his brother was not complicit, he offered him a piece of pie that Francesco took without any hesitation. When Bianca Cappello realized what just happened, in turn, she ate the fatal cake in order to die with her beloved. After their death, Ferdinando went straight to the throne and became Grand Duke.


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