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The city of Florence and the great story of the Medici family draw people in from all over the world.

The team behind The Medici Dynasty are the embodiment of this international fascination with the cradle of the Renaissance. Led by the concept creator, Giuseppe Arone, and marketing leader Cristiano Brizzi, the duo brought together an international team that spans from Argentina, across Europe, the United States, and as far as Australia.

Each collaborator brings with them a passion for the history of Florence, and a commitment to exploring the lives of the Medici with depth and pathos.

Gherardo Vitali Rosati wrote the original script in 2015, under the guidance of Giuseppe Arone and with translations and adaptation by Carolina Gamini.

The roles of Anna Maria Luisa and Gian Gastone are performed with power and vulnerability by Gamini and her co-star, British film and stage actor Tim Daish. They were joined in the first season by understudy actress and writer Marisa Garreffa, coming from Australia with Italian roots.

She collaborated with writer Rosati on a new version of the script for the second season, that went more deeply into the emotional and psychological lives of Anna Maria Luisa and Gian Gastone, exploring their relationship as brother and sister and placing this at the centre of the story, with the expansive artistic and political history forming the backdrop to their reconciliation.

Under the direction of powerhouse director Bari Hochwald, hailing from New York with years of experience on stage and screen, The Medici Dynasty continues to deepen its accurate and moving portrayal of history.

Each member of the team either lives in Florence, or visits the great city of beauty regularly. This constant contact with the land in which the story of this historical drama was lived, creates a constant flow of inspiration and input into the work.

Theatre is a living form, and as such, can grow and expand with its audiences and each year that passes. The Medici Dynasty is only the first of what is sure to be a greater series of theatrical works, each contributing to the contemporary dissemination of beauty in Florence.

Tim Daish as Gian Gastone de’ Medici
Carolina Gamini as Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici

Original Concept: Giuseppe Arone
Authors: Gherardo Vitali Rosati and Marisa Garreffa
Adaptation and translation: Carolina Gamini
Director: Bari Hochwald

Producers: Giuseppe Arone and Cristiano Brizzi

Marketing: Cristiano Brizzi, Valentina Messina, Marisa Garreffa

Digital video editing: Giulia Broggi
Light designer: Loris Giancola

Costuming and make up: Marilù Sasso
Set Decoration: Bottega Roberta Brizzi

Technical team: Lorenzo Bernini, Antonella Colella, Umberto Foddis

Theatre production company: M.D. Srl in collaboration with:
ASP Firenze Montedomini, Pupi e Fresedde, Compagnia Mauri Sturno, The Global Theatre Project.