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A must see for those wondering what to do in Florence, The Medici Dynasty Show is a striking piece of multimedia theatre in English, covering three hundred years of Florence history through the story of the most famous and influential family to ever rule the city.

The powerful historical drama transforms the Baroque church of the former convent of Il Fuligno into a room at Palazzo Pitti. Here, the last descendants of the Medici family trace the history of the dynasty that ruled Florence for more than three centuries.

Pilgrims walked the ancient pathway that leads to The Medici Dynasty Show, a medieval road that still guides travelers searching for beauty and inspiration.

Drawing both laughter and tears, Gian Gastone and Anna Maria Luisa, children of Cosimo III, reveal the intrigues of their family relationships, and the Medici patronage behind the greatest works of art ever created during the Renaissance in Florence.

The Medici Dynasty Show is an incredible way to learn the history of this fascinating city that draws in people from all over the world, even five centuries later, where you can step directly out of the theatre and discover Florence with new insight.

The play takes place in the Baroque church of the former convent of Il Fuligno, located in via Faenza, just minutes from the famous landmarks that tell the story of Renaissance Florence and the Medici family. Il Fuligno is not only the home of The Medici Dynasty Show but also the treasure chest that holds the great fresco by Pietro Perugino: The Last Supper.

But who are Gian Gastone and Anna Maria Luisa dei Medici?

They were the last heirs of the Medici family, who rose from humble merchant beginnings to become the greatest leaders of Florence for over three centuries. In this final generation, not one child has produced an heir to continue the line and all attempts at a solution have failed. Their rule must end, and the city of Florence will be handed over to Austrians.

Gian Gastone denied Anna Maria Luisa entry to his apartment for over ten years but, during this historical meeting, they confront the years of struggle between them. Brother and sister must reconcile their differences in order to preserve the one part of the Medici dynasty that will remain after their deaths – the impressive artistic patrimony that is their legacy.