“Medici: Masters of Florence” Season II is coming. Are you ready?

//“Medici: Masters of Florence” Season II is coming. Are you ready?

“Medici: Masters of Florence” Season II is coming. Are you ready?


Written by Marisa Garreffa

The Medici: Masters of Florence are returning to Tuscany to begin filming for the much anticipated second season, and the call has gone out for local actors, extras, and production staff to send in their CVs. If we didn’t have our hands full with our own Medici production, we would be signing up ourselves! You can sign up on the Toscana Film Commission website here (in Italian only). Shooting will be happening in Siena, Pisa, and Rome from September until November, so make a note in the diary that it’s the best time to take a road trip and spot the stars in action.

The second season starts twenty years after the story of Giovanni de’ Medici, whose live was explored in season one (though it wasn’t entirely historically accurate). The characters played by Dustin Hoffman and Richard Madden are deceased by this point in the history timeline, so everyone is waiting for news on whether they’ll make an appearance, and who the new stars will be.

This season tells the incredible story of Lorenzo the Magnificent, the great supporter and patron of the Renaissance. As Medici go, he was definitely one of the most important and powerful. So much so, they predict they’re going to need two full seasons to get through his story! The show’s co-creator, Frank Spotnitz, was clear that he wanted to tackle the story of Lorenzo from the very beginning of the project, because “his life represents the pinnacle of Medici achievement: the High Renaissance, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Botticelli.” But they decided to begin with Giovanni de Medici and, after the successful first season, Lorenzo’s moment has finally come.

Curious to know about his history, and don’t want to wait for the season launch? You can read more about Lorenzo the Magnificent, and find out why they call him Magnificent, here in our blog post all about him.


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