The Medici Dynasty Show Grand Opening 2016

//The Medici Dynasty Show Grand Opening 2016

The Medici Dynasty Show Grand Opening 2016

The Medici family is back on May 24th to Florence thanks to The Medici Dynasty Show. This unique theatre show in English, is a one-hour production about the cultural heritage left to humanity by the Florentine family over 300 years of history.

A new and impressive location: the Baroque Church of Sant’Onofrio inside the Il Fuligno Complex in via Faenza 48, will host the show in the upcoming season. The complex dates back to the 1300s and was previously used as a convent for many years. The famous Italian painter and sculptor Bicci di Lorenzo completed frescos to decorate the rooms of the convent, which still remain today.  The church where the show will be staged was restored and reconsecrated in 1601. The beautiful ceiling of the church was painted at the end of the seventeenth century by the monk Filippo Maria Galletti. After a period of various uses, restoration of the Fuligno Complex was started in 1997. Thanks to an Italian State Law and the help of the Florentine municipality, this restoration is possible. The Fuligno Complex, rich in cultural and artistic heritage, is today used as a multifunctional centre which participates in modern Florence.

The 2016 season opens on May 24th at 7pm with a new script created by author Marisa Garreffa that is based on the original script by Gherardo Rosati Vitali, Carolina Gamini, and Giuseppe Arone. The new show has been adapted by theatre director Bari Hochwald. Hochwald is the founder of The Global Theatre Project; a non-profit organization that focuses on using theatre as a way to explore questions of how to enliven global citizenship and how to build communities and individuals who care about the world we live in and want to create positive change. “We wanted to highlight the troubled relationship between the last heirs of the Medici Dynasty”, explains The Director. “Gian Gastone and Anna Maria hate each other, but they slowly re-discover their brother-and-sister bond, and do so by time traveling through 300 years of Florence history.” This relationship underlines the new emotional aspect of the show.

“One of the main ideas of this show” – explains Giuseppe Arone, creator of the show format together with Cristiano Brizzi – is to provide the public with an educational form of entertainment. A theatre show for any kind of visitor coming from any part of the world.”

The Medici Dynasty Show enjoyed great success and gained significant recognition last season in Florence May – November 2015. In 7 months, the show produced 160 performances, and was attended by 8,000 visitors from all around the world. The Medici Dynasty Show 2016 edition, is an enticing and dynamic multimedia performance representing the Medici legacy, staged in an exclusive location.

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