Florence’s art saved, thanks to a woman

//Florence’s art saved, thanks to a woman

Florence’s art saved, thanks to a woman

The Medici Dynasty Show & AWA Foundation

Florence was and is made great by its creative capital, a city that has never lost its artistic soul despite the passing of time. While other cities saw their famous art sold or traded around the world, in Florence the most famous works still exist here today – thanks to a woman.

Ritratto di Anna Maria Luisa, pittore germanico-olandese della fine del XVII secolo.

What history teaches us

It was Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, with her revolutionary Family Pact, who contractually bound the extensive artistic patrimony of the Medici – “galleries, paintings, statues, libraries, jewels and other such precious things” – to the city of Florence and the state of Tuscany for all time. It is her story that is brought to life through The Medici Dynasty Show, in which she and her brother Gian Gastone face the end of the Medici ruling line. As they reflect on three centuries of Medici rule, Anna Maria Luisa is determined that the artistic legacy of the family will not be lost. She cannot allow this to pass, and the show offers a window into her courage and fortitude as she forms the idea for the history-changing Family Pact. The revolutionary contract was successful. Thanks to her vision the city still overflows today with artworks from the Renaissance and throughout history.

Jane Fortune looking at a Lunette painted by Plautilla Nelli at the San Salvi museum in Florence.
Ph. Leo Cardini

AWA’s founder Jane Fortune is a great admirer of Anna Maria Luisa, remarking, “At that time, to have the courage to do that, and the foresight.” AWA periodically grants an award in her name that specifically honors women patrons of the arts.

While Fortune follows in the footsteps of Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, her mission is far greater than the physical preservation of art. She is bringing the lost voices of female artists to a wider audience, and is dedicated to showing the fundamental role that women play in society, roles that have been ignored for too long. Fortune is an accomplished patron of the arts, a powerful advocate for women artists of the past and present, and an asset to Florence and its rich legacy.

Tickets to the Medici Dynasty Show are amongst the rewards of AWA’s current crowdfunding campaign. To support their inspiring project to restore to life the incredible Last Supper painting of Renaissance nun, Plautilla Nelli, make your donation in exchange for rewards and gifts here.

Written by Marisa Garreffa

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