Florence by Night: Explore Florence as a Local

//Florence by Night: Explore Florence as a Local

Florence by Night: Explore Florence as a Local

The Arno River flowing through Florence, Italy and under the Ponte Vecchio Bridge at night from a nearby hill.

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With closed museums and day tours ending, it would seem as if there would be nothing left to do in Florence at night. But nothing could be far from the truth! For those who aren’t too pooped after walking around Florence all day, the evening is a great time to explore Florentine nightlife.

An aperitivo (ah-pair-ee-tee-vo) is a wonderful way to start an evening. From 7pm to 9pm you can find them all over the city. It’s a pre-dinner drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) that you eat with appetizers while hanging out with friends before you head out to dinner. In Ancient Rome, an aperitivo was a mix of wine and honey and was meant to stimulate the appetite. These days, however, there are certain places such as Kitsch Bar that serve an apericena (ah-pair-ee-chain-ah). It’s a combination of an aperitivo and dinner. Kitsch is known for their large selections and quantities of food.

Oltrarno, the other side of the Arno, is a great place to walk off your dinner. It is your chance to take photos of buildings and main attractions in a whole other atmosphere. A fun place to go to after dinner is NOF Club on Borgo San Frediano, 17. Open 7pm – 3am, Tuesday through Saturday, they have live music, happy hour and free entrance! It’s a popular hang-out. Wonder why!

Photo by Lynn Cole

Photo by Lynn Cole

Santa Croce is a young and lively area at night.  There are also many English and Irish pubs you can go to grab a beer. Red Garter is a popular American Bar/Sport and Steakhouse offering live music, karaoke and a dance floor. For a calmer area you can head over to Michael Collins Pub in Piazza della Signoria, 30r. They have indoor and outdoor seating, live sports and music and food.

Come see The Medici Dynasty Show at 7pm on Via Faenza, 48. The play is a fun and entertaining yet informative Dramedy about the Medici family and Florentine history. It lasts just one hour which leaves you with plenty of time to grab dinner afterwards and…

Dance the night away!

There are many fun clubs to check out in Florence. Space Club is a really popular joint. They are open 7 days a week, have two internal smoke rooms and air conditioning! Follow the link for a list of 10 Best Clubs and Lounges in Florence.

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