Behind the Scenes with The Medici Dynasty Show

//Behind the Scenes with The Medici Dynasty Show

Behind the Scenes with The Medici Dynasty Show


Team 2: In our previous Behind The Scenes blogpost, we were in conversation with Giuseppe and Cristiano. In that interview Beppe mentioned creating an international team of professionals and creatives, with different areas of expertise. For this blogpost we spoke to Emmy Rihet and Brigitte Arndt, who both assist Cristiano in the Marketing and Communication of The Medici Dynasty Show.

Emmy (French) and Brigitte (South African) met in early 2014 when they both attended POLIMODA, International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing, to do their Masters in Fashion Brand Management. From very diverse backgrounds (and CULTURES), they came to Florence to study and ended up falling madly in love with the city, and now call it home. They met Cristiano and Beppe, and immediately connected with them over their love for Florence, and passion for Italy; they like to refer to themselves as Italo-philes. Although neither of them have much experience in theatre, they have both come to really appreciate its expressive power. Below are some personal anecdotes they have chosen to share with us.


French, adrenaline junky, mother to fox-like cat named chouchouk; fluent in 3 languages; background in communication and a ‘crush’ on PR.


South African, bookworm, with a Pistachio ice cream fetish and wet-wipe obsession; loves all things fashion and philosophy.


Behind the scenes with the Medici Dynasty Show: Discover here – Giuseppe Arone and Cristiano Brizzi, respectively Executive Producer and Sales and Marketing Director of the show, speaking about their love of theatre, their motivation for the project and uniting different skills.

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