What is the Medici Dynasty Show?

The Medici Dynasty Show aims to educate through entertainment. With a unique incorporation of multimedia paired with the performance of the actors, the show creates an extraordinary experience for the audience. The show focuses on siblings Anna Maria Luisa and Gian Gastone, the last living members of the Medici family. During the show they recount the history of their family and what they have contributed to society over a period of 300 years. Throughout the performance, the siblings rediscover their family bond despite their conflicting views and years of previous estrangement. Consequently, they work together to save the Medici family patrimony and help preserve the history of Florence.

Who are the Medici Dynasty?

The Medici family ruled over Florence for three centuries. The family made significant cultural, artistic, scientific, and spiritual contributions to society. The Medici greatly altered and shaped the history of Florence. Amidst the splendor of the Renaissance, the Medici thrived. Members of the family included farmers, bankers, grand dukes, and popes. Some of the more famously discussed members include: Lorenzo the Magnificent, the Medici popes, Caterina de’ Medici and the French Monarchy, Cosimo II, and of course the last heirs Anna Maria Luisa and Grand Duke Gian Gastone. The legacy of the Medici continues to endure today as the family patrimony remains preserved in the city.

Why should I watch the show?

Through watching the show, the audience can learn basic information about the Medici family, Florence, and Italian history. The show communicates important events that occurred over a period of three centuries that altered significantly the history of Florence and of the Italian State. The show is visually stunning thanks to the staging at a beautiful location and an innovative use of multimedia paired with a dynamic performance by the actors.

How long is the show?

The show endures for approximately one hour. This hour is filled with drama, intrigue, history, education, splendor and more! There is a performance every day at 7pm, excluding Mondays and Fridays.

Is the show suitable for children?

Yes! We recommend that children attending be at least 7 years old. The show is designed to cater to visitors of any age with any nationality. Images are paired with the dialogue of the characters, making the history and subjects discussed more accessible to a wide range of people.