We are a group of international creatives coming from different backgrounds who share the appreciation of art, culture and entertainment. We believe that diversity is vital to innovation and through the synergy of our diverse talents we decided to use theatre as a media to convey the knowledge of our cultural heritage. We’re modern storytellers who give our best to what we do.

Author – by Gherardo Vitali and Marisa Garreffa, with Carolina Gamini and Giuseppe Arone
Cast – Carolina Gamini, Tim Daish
Theatre director – Bari Hochwald

Digital video editingGiulia Broggi
Digital video Operator – Claudio Fanetti
Technical director – Loris Giancola
Technical team – Lorenzo Bernini, Giulia Broggi, Antonella Colella

Executive Producer – Giuseppe Arone
Sales and Marketing Director – Cristiano Brizzi
Team Marketing & Social Media Tina Boyadjieva & Tessa Cole & Brianna Pohl

Costumes – Marilù Sasso
Set decoration – Bottega Roberta Brizzi
Mask and Hairpiece – Antica Bottega Filistrucchi

Theater production company – M.D. srl
In collaboration with The Global Theatre Project, Compagnia Pupi e Fresedde, The Fake Factory, A.S.P. Firenze Montedomini